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Chantelle Turner
Founder: Stronger Mommy

I am a mom to a very “special” 4 year old. She is my whole world, probably like most moms with their kids. My husband travels about 80% of the year so a lot of the time, I’m on my own with her.

I work from home, helping other parents like me who also have “special” children & that also gives me the flexibility to be home with our little girl. I LOVE taking care of her (which includes getting her to a lot of Dr. appointments, therapy appointments, and fighting all the time to make sure she gets the care she needs) and about 3 years ago, I also started a Network Marketing business to add an extra income to our home that would help with her medical bills.

I didn’t always want to be a mom. In fact, up until I met my husband, I had no desire to ever have kids. I didn’t even like to babysit when I was younger. I guess for me, it took meeting the right person, someone I wanted to co-parent with, to realize that I wanted to have kids.

About a year into our marriage, we decided that we wanted to start to grow our family. I got pregnant easily and while I dealt with a lot of morning (all day) sickness, everything else was great! Right up until I went into labor, all my check-ups came back perfect, but labor and delivery did not. I ended up having an emergency C-Section and later learned of the life long challenges we would face with our daughter. Becoming the mom of a child with special needs made me into a better person! It changed my whole outlook on life and has given me a true purpose. First and foremost to be her mom, but also to help other parents and their children who have special needs, in any way I can. I am SO grateful to have her. I know far too many mom’s who never got to take their baby home, or who’s child is sick or worse off than mine.

I am blessed! She is happy almost all the time. She’s kind and loving and she is doing so much better than the dr’s projected.

I could go on and on but I started Stronger Mommy to help other moms (parents) who are dealing with the challenges that come with having a child with special needs. We all need some friendly support, advice and encouragement from time to time!

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