Why Don’t Dr.’s Make House Calls Anymore?

Yesterday, I had to take K to the ENT for a follow up. I always dread taking her to the Dr. because it’s often a long wait & while no 3 years probably does well with long waits, K 100% does not!

I will say that I was pleasantly impressed with this Dr. though. Not only did he have a play space in the office (which kept K well occupied), they also took us back to the room right on time! Even more, the Dr. took only a few minuets to come to the room after the nurse had left. All in all, the appointment was probably the most pleasant we have had.

But… we still didn’t escape without a tantrum 🙁 K needed to have a few tests done, which meant leaving the room and coming back a few times. Add to that the overall length of time the appointment took and by the end, it was time for a tantrum.

I’m not sure if it’s because she’s 3 or because of her special needs, but K just does not listen! Additionally, when she doesn’t get her way, she throws a tantrum with hitting and spitting added in. Of course all of this is done in public (she does it at home too but it’s easier to manage there) and we get the rude, judgmental looks from others.

So this left me thinking. Why don’t Dr’s make house calls anymore?

2 thoughts on “Why Don’t Dr.’s Make House Calls Anymore?

  1. Kelle milliken

    My A is 9 yrs old. We go through the hitting and spitting too. Someone actually called CPS on me from walmart afyer eatching me try to wrestle him into his carseat while trying not to get punched in the face. I try not to let it get to but as he geta older and stronger its tough

  2. smadmin Post author

    I hear you. As mine get older I get more and more worried as well

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