The Therapy Farm!

K had her first session at The Therapy Farm today and she did great! While K has seen a horse before (her Nana owns one) she has never sat on, or ridden one before. She was quite fearful at first, fussing and making sure I kept a hold of her hand. Miss Kate (the horse) was wonderful though! What a smart and kind animal she is. Kate knew that K was nervous and she stood very still until K got used to her. She moved gently and slowy at first but as K warmed up to it all, Kate started to move a bit more.

In the pic above you can see that K was really starting to enjoy the walk/ride. As she got used to it, she didn’t need me to hold her and anymore and her posture got very good! By the end, she was sitting up strait, using both her hands to check out the items attached to Kate’s blanket (K usually never uses her right hand) and was doing very well crossing midline.

Typically, K needs prompting to engage her right hand and even then, she won’t do much with it. It takes a ton of focus for her to even open and close her hand but that was very different today. Today, K was using her right hand without prompting at all. Grasping things and reaching up to the trees above.

I am extremely excited for future therapy at the farm and I would recommend it to anyone who has a child with special needs.


2 thoughts on “The Therapy Farm!

  1. Emma

    Wow this looks like great therapy! My son would love this! He doesn’t use his hand too well either and needs lots of encouragement so this is a great idea for his future 💕

  2. smadmin Post author

    Thanks Emma! We LOVE it. It is something to look into for your son 🙂

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