Sorry! I Know It’s Been Too Long…


I know, I know, I haven’t posted anything in a few months! I really am sorry about that. To be honest, if I could post from my brain (instead of having to dedicate time at the computer) I would make hundreds of posts a day. It’s probably a good thing that I can’t do that actually, as I’m certain that I would drive you all nuts 😉

The good news is, I’m not letting a few missed months, keep me from getting back in the swing of things. A lot has happened to me in those few months, so it’s time for an update!

First, I’m now a ful-time Mom-preneur! Thats right! At the beginning of December I made the choice to leave my full-time corporate job so I could work from home (on this and a few other projects). What a blessing it has been too.

I thought I was going to have a ton of free time, which as it turns out, I don’t. But I’m loving every minute of working from home.

First, getting to watch my daughter get on the buss to go to school and being home when she gets home, it’s amazing!

Second, it’s giving me more time to really be her MOM. That picture above, I took her to the mall to go dress shopping (shes going to be a flower girl in my little brothers wedding). She was pretty behaved at first but before long, we were moments away from an all out tantrum on the floor of Dillard’s. Trying on multiple dresses with a 3 year old is probably hard for any parent, but a special needs 3 year old makes it all that much harder. So to stave that tantrum off, I promised her a ride on the little train that goes around inside the mall.

At $5 a person, it seemed a bit steep for the 3 minute ride, but the picture above shows you that it was worth every penny! It’s moments like these that we have to cherish. That smile, her laughter and delight as the train took us around, it’s truly priceless.

No, she didn’t keep behaving long after the ride ended (that was pipe dream) but I would have ridden that train all day with her if we could have.

My point to all the typing? Keep going. Even when you fall off the horse for a little while or want to throw in the towel, keep going. Cherish every moment of happiness with your children and take lots of pictures (you’ll need them down the road when all hell breaks lose). Yep, having a child with special needs is hard, but as you all know, it’s also the most amazing blessing!

~ Chantelle