If Only I Knew Why She Woke Up Grumpy…


K was in a pretty good mood yesterday. We had a good dinner, a little cuddling and then she went to bed without a fuss. As far as I know (and I hear everything), she had a good night sleep (8pm to 6am).

Like a lot of mornings, she woke up calling for me and asked to cuddle for a few minutes before getting dressed. While I have a LOT to get done today, I do love to cuddle with her! It’s also one of the advantages I get now that I work from home. So I took her into my bed for a few minutes and we cuddled. Everything was good until I told her it was time to get up…

This began a spiral of tantrums, spitting, hitting, yelling (all from her) that resulted in my having to put her back in her crib (the only place she will stay when shes in trouble).

As usual, I let her be angry for a few minutes and then I went back in to get her. She told me she was ready to “be nice” but boy oh boy has she been grumpy all morning!

It’s not fun for either of us when she’s like this, and her mood swings can be hard to manage. I just wish I knew why she was in such a bad mood. Ive checked the usual things & she’s not sick. Just grumpy today.

I guess we all wake up on the wrong side of the bed some mornings, but as a mom, you just want to do whatever you can to make your kid happy.

Here’s to hoping she’s in a better mood, after her nap!

~ Chantelle