Awake In The Night Means Cuddles For Mommy

I think like all moms, I value my daughter’s sleep. Yes, sleep is important for my toddler’s health, memory, mood, etc. but those aren’t the only reasons I value it.

Currently, I live an extremely busy lifestyle. I get up at 4:30am every day, get myself ready for work & then head downstairs to make breakfast, pack my work bag & K’s school bag, feed the dog, etc. Most days, I get to do all of this, in the blissful quiet of a sleeping house! While K is sleeping, I can get though this morning routine quickly & without interruption, which ultimately makes for a happier mommy later on. Then, once everything else is done, I can gently wake K up, get her dressed & ready for school, then out the door we go!

I get K packed up in the car & off to daycare. Then, it’s an hour + drive work (with a LOT of traffic), work all day in sales, then make the commute back home. Pick K up from daycare (there is a 50-50 % chance of meltdown here) & we typically make it back home just around 5pm. From here, it’s a rush of making dinner, feeding the dog, having a bath, fitting in a little play time & finally, getting ready for bed. Getting K down on time at 8pm is rarely easy, but I’ll leave bedtime for another post.

Once I manage to get her to sleep, usually around 8:30pm, I now have only about an hour and a half until its time to take myself to bed as well. (Yes, I go to bed at 10pm but let’s remember, I get up at 4:30am) That hour and a half is NEVER enough time for all of things I want to get done while K is asleep, but I do what I can before taking myself to bed. Most nights, whether I’m cleaning the house, working or watching a little TV; that time is pretty great! After such a busy day, an hour + of ME time, is a luxury!

Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE every moment I get with K (even the hard ones), but it’s also nice to have alone time. Time where you start a task and complete it without being interrupted 10 times… But where is all this going with a title about cuddling?

I LOVE to cuddle with K (when she will stay still). She is full of love & sweetness, & if often times it reminds me of the closeness I had with her while I was pregnant. I get to pull her close, feel her warmth & know that in this exact moment, she if safe! K loves to cuddle too so that makes it all the better, & she gives me kisses & hugs that fill me warmth.

Like any respectable adult, I enjoy getting uninterrupted sleep. That is, actually falling asleep at night & not being woken up again until the alarm goes off. As most parents of infants, toddlers & likely older children as well know, these magical nights of uninterrupted sleep, can often be few & far between. I can’t speak for how other parents might feel when their little one wakes up & won’t go back to sleep, but I know it means cuddles for me. Don’t get me wrong. I sigh, close my eyes & hope that she will go back to sleep on her own, but 9.9 out of 10 times, that’s not the case. So…cuddles it is…

Before I had K I was very strict that she would NEVER sleep in our bed. Allowing her into our bed even once would create bad habits, I thought (and in a sense, I was right). But after countless nights with her waking up several times & not going back to sleep, my own lack of sleep started to weigh on me. One night, I just gave in. I brought K into our bed, cuddled up with her, & we both went back to sleep! It was wonderful! Sure, I had broken my own rule, but I got SLEEP out it!

Like anything with a child, one night turned into many & while we can go weeks with her sleeping though the night in her own crib, there are other weeks where she’s up at 1 or 2 am, every night & in our bed. No, she won’t always fall back asleep right away, & I HATE that my alarm wakes her in the morning then (an hour before she would normally get up), but I LOVE the cuddles!

Long post short… I know she will only be little for a little while. Soon, not only will she sleep through the night but she won’t even WANT to cuddle with me. So being woken up in the night & having to deal with her being awake while I’m trying to get ready for work, is a VERY SMALL price to pay, for CUDDLES!

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