An Update On Therapy At “The Farm”

So, its been several weeks now that “K” has been doing Hippo therapy at “The Therapy Farm” and I thought I would post an update!

I am amazed with how far she has come in just a few sessions. First, K loves getting to go to The Farm for therapy. She asks me daily when we are going back there and she loves to give Miss Kate (the horse) hugs and kisses when we see her! She is starting to use her right hand without prompting (both on and off the horse) and her ability to focus on activities after she rides is significantly improved.

I grew up loving horses but never realized they could be used for therapy until we had K. If you have a “special” child, I suggest at last looking into Hippo Therapy. Horses are incredibly smart and intuitive and something magical happens when a child interacts with them. At the very least, it is worth checking into.

~ Chantelle